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The Office of Social Services is committed to serving the community through assistance to low-to-moderate income families and individuals in need.  Some of the special assistance programs are partially funded by the Harris County Community Development Block Grant and the Emergency Solutions Grant.  Funding is also provided by the City of Houston’s Emergency Solutions Grant.  For those seeking emergency financial support, transportation related to medical care, indigent burial services or assistance with applications for various services, Social Services is a  recognized entity.  The office of Social Services is comprised of four separate sections that help seniors, disabled residents, veterans, and Harris County residents who meet their eligibility guidelines. These programs include Financial Assistance, Case Management, Bereavement Services, and Veterans Services. 

Client Services
Emergency financial assistance is available when clients are faced with hardships such as utility termination notices, avacate/eviction or foreclosure notice, or shelter needs. Client services also provide referral assistance to clients with needs beyond the scope and resources of this office to other service providers who can address additional needs.
Case Management
The Office of Social Services provides case management to low income and disabled adults to aid them in attaining greater self-sufficiency.  The goal is to provide services that afford the highest level of personal independence though effective use of resources.  Case Management can also assist Harris County Residents who require emergency assistance for vacate/eviction or foreclosure and emergency shelter needs. 

Bereavement Services
The Bereavement Services program insures that every indigent citizen of Harris County without adequate resources receive a simple but dignified burial.  The Texas Constitution requires counties to bury or cremate the indigent.  This program, which provides this service of last resort, will work either with families to arrange a county burial or with referral services to obtain low-cost funeral services. 

Veterans Services
Veterans of the United States Armed Forces are entitled to certain benefits that reflect the pride and gratitude the country has for its veterans.  The Veterans Services program advocates for veterans and their dependents in Harris County.  They provide assistance to veterans and their dependents with the application process regarding compensation, pension, medical, education, insurance, and death benefits.  This office also assists veterans and their dependents in obtaining important documentation needed to apply for benefits. 

Requirements for eligibility

Items to bring to your appointment

Preliminary application *  

* You may print and fill out the preliminary application and bring it with you to your interview. This may save you some time but it in no
   way constitutes or implies that you have been interviewed and will be seen or approved for any assistance from Office of Social 
  Services, a division of HCCSD.All persons who seek assistance from HCCSD must be interviewed in person. Assistance is dependent on
  available funding and different program guidelines.

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