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What is the Annual Action Plan?

The Annual Action Plan (AAP) is an annual public awareness document that is required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of any jurisdiction receiving federal entitlement grants, funds allocated to Harris County based upon a formula of population and poverty characteristics.  The AAP is the annual update to the Consolidated Plan, a 3- or 5-year planning document also required by HUD, which sets forth the county's long-term community development goals and strategies. 

In brief, the AAP describes the resources available, how those resources are to be utilized, including the projects selected for funding, and the geographic distribution of those resources.  The AAP process has been specifically created to assist in mapping one-year actions for community development and making good use of available federal, state, and local resources.


PY2003 Annual Action Plan
PY2004 Annual Action Plan
PY2005 Annual Action Plan
PY2006 Annual Action Plan
PY2007 Annual Action Plan
PY2008 Annual Action Plan
PY2009 Annual Action Plan
PY2010 Annual Action Plan
PY2011 Annual Action Plan
PY2012 Annual Action Plan
PY2013 Annual Action Plan
PY2014 Annual Action Plan
PY2015 Annual Action Plan
PY2016 Annual Action Plan
Draft PY2017 Annual Action Plan

Annual Action Plan Amendment Public Notices

Federal Entitlement and Competitive Funding Allocation 1975-Present 
Federal Poverty Guidelines

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